We are always happy to talk about our puppies! Here you will find some of the rewarding feedback we receive.

Hi Catherine,

We bought our female Labradoodle from you back in August 2011 and named her Maggie.  I just wanted to say that she has been the healthiest dog I have ever owned and her personality is so gentle and loving.  People cannot believe it when I tell them how old she is as she still looks like a puppy and has the energy to match.  

We have moved all over the country since we got her and she has settled in beautifully at every new house.  My children have grown up with her and she is absolutely adored.  

Your guidance and reassurance when we got her was spot on and she was the right pup for us.  I’ve read a lot recently about terrible people selling dogs without any care about their health and well-being and it made me realise how lucky we were to find you.  All these years later we have never regretted adding Maggie to our family!  Anybody buying from you should know what a wonderful and responsible breeder you are

Best Wishes,

CR OCT 2020

Hi Catherine,

Hope this email finds you well. As Macey has recently turned 6 months, I thought you’d like to see a few up to photos. 
She is lively as ever and is developing into a real character. She is fantastic around other dogs and very sociable with people! 
We often have to factor in extra time on our dog walks to account for all her doggy and human friends we have to say hello to in the village! 
She loves going to the groomers as she likes being pampered and having a fuss made of her. She’s not always too keen on her early morning walk but once she gets going she’s full of beans! 
She absolutely surpasses herself when she’s off the lead. We are fortunate enough to have some woods and open fields at the back of our garden. Macey is a little treasure off the lead and always keeps an eye on where we are. 
She is my absolute gem and I can’t imagine life without her. 


Macey got a clean bill of health from the vet yesterday, but what was more impressive was her impeccable behaviour! She was super calm and confident and just wanted to give everyone kisses! Even the huge Alsatian in the waiting area didn’t phase her. 
She is incredibly clever and has already learnt to sit and stay and we’re working on her recall.

We have a dog walker who comes in every day when we’re at work whose an experienced dog breeder herself – she can’t believe how clever Macey is. Macey was indicating to outside for the toilet within her second day with us. By her third night with us she was sleeping straight through for 7 hours. After a little snuggle, she goes into her crate for bedtime without any fuss and wakes up bright and cheery the next morning. 
She starts her puppy training class in a couple of weeks which we’re all looking to. She’s very lucky to have some nice, older labradors as neighbours who are perfect mentors and play mates! 
Macey is going out in the car three times a week on very short journeys which are working really well. 
I’ve also been taking her to visit my dad who lives in a nearby nursing home. The staff adore her!  She loves meeting new people and we’re teaching her to be extra gentle with certain people. This is something that she is definitely picking up, even at such a young age. I’m hoping to eventually introduce Macey to the other residents to act as a sort of therapy dog. She has an infectious kind and loving nature and it would be a huge benefit to some of the residents to be able to stroke and cuddle her. 
I’ve only attached a couple of pictures because she normally doesn’t stay still long enough to get a good picture! 
We are so proud of Macey and already we love her to pieces. We will continue to keep you updated as she grows and develops. 

Vicky, 2019

Thought you might like to hear how Molly is getting on with us – she’s amazing, very clever and has a lovely nature. Everybody we meet comment how lovely she is and are amazed how clever she is, she was house trained within a couple of weeks of coming to us (we’ve only had one or two accidents in the house), she sits on comment and shakes her paw, she also lays down when asked, we go to puppy classes when we are home on a Saturday and we are working up to allowing her to run off her lead (Hubbywants to do this more than I do haha).She’s helped fill the huge hole in our family when we lost our old lady (M…………who was 15) and is very loved by everybody in the family.

GG, December 2018

Hi Catherine, I hope all is well with you. Not working too hard? and enjoying your lovely dogs. I thought I’d drop you a quick line so you can see how H……… is getting on… She’s very Happy, as I think will be clear from the photos. She’s 8 months now, getting bigger every day! 🙂 . At 6 months we had her neutered, along with a rabies jab, worming etc. She also had to have another chip for HK, so she should be all set! So, thank you again for enabling us to have such a loved family member. When we leave HK in a few years and live in a house and garden we may get her a mate! If that’s the case we’ll definitely come and see you…. Take good care, all the best.

R- from Hong Kong, December 2018

We got our Barney back in 2010 and he has turned out to be the best dog in the world. He is very big but soft loving and gentle with other dogs and loves children. Can’t imagine our life without him. We are so grateful to the breeders.

Brian, 13 January 2015