Puppy Do’s

Make sure your puppy  is healthy and happy, by following these general Catlow puppy care guidelines. And remember, anyone who adopts a Catlow puppy is welcome to contact us for advice, for as long and as often as is required!

Take advantage of the Catlow 7 day guarantee!

When you collect your puppy, you have 7 days to take puppy to your own vet for them to carry out a health check. If your own vet is not completely happy with your new puppy, we will take him back for a full refund of the purchase price. This is not something that’s ever happened but is in place to give new owners peace of mind and to demonstrate our commitment to giving new owners the best experience possible.

Socialising and Training your Labradoodle puppy

Start off your Catlow puppy with basic command training from the first day you get him/her. Have a list of rules that every family member has to follow regarding what is and isn’t allowed, as it is vital for not confusing your Labradoodle puppy. We strongly encourage new owners to take their new puppy to a training/socialisation class or two or three! These classes are really good for puppies, great fun and allow the whole family to become actively involved in training your new recruit while keeping everyone ‘on the same page’ regarding puppy’s education.

Socialise your Labradoodle puppy as early as possible with other dogs, children, near traffic, and as many new and varied experiences, as it is an extremely important learning period between the ages of 6 to 16 weeks.

Vaccinations and worming

Puppies leave Catlow having been regularly wormed and have had flea treatments, details are provided at collection. Puppy will have had, at least, a first vaccination and will probably require a second vaccination at between 10-11 weeks of age. Be sure to follow your vets/ breeder guidelines on isolation periods between 1st and 2nd vaccinations and also after the 2nd vaccination. As a rule, vets advise care still needs to be taken until two weeks after the second vaccination. Your vet will advise a programme for worming and flea treatments. Please follow your vet’s guidance for your individual puppy’s circumstances.

Labradoodle puppy diet

Follow the breeders guidelines regarding your puppies diet and do not make any dramatic or rapid changes, as this may cause your puppy tummy upsets, which is upsetting for you and for your puppy. If you do want to change foods, do it gradually over several days. Follow feeding guidelines on the pack of puppy food you are given when you collect your new puppy and remember that puppies grow rapidly so need to be weighed and food amounts adjusted often as they grow.

Puppy toilet training

Remember your Labradoodle puppy’s toilet training is your responsibility now. Take him out after he has eaten, woken from sleep, after excitable play, as he most defnitely will need the toilet then; And also, every hour in-between in the early days. Remember consistency is key and the more time you spend on  training in the first weeks, the more successful toilet training will be.

And remember, supervise your Labradoodle puppy at all times!